Saturday, March 31, 2012

New To You Cross Training Challenge - March

Once again, I'm getting my entry for Kim's New (To me) Cross Training challenge posted just in the nick of time.  I actually did 2 new workouts this month - one was Bodypump at my gym, and I also did a Bob Harper workout DVD which completely kicked my boot-ay...

intense Bob

So, I think I'll talk about the workout DVD for two reasons:  1)  I like the DVD and I've already done it more than I've done Bodypump (which isn't really that impressive since I've only done it twice) and 2) I did Bodypump way at the beginning of March and my 42 year old brain can't remember many details (can you still claim you have "baby brain" when your youngest is 5?  Or do I just need to admit I'm getting old?)

OK so Bob Harper Body Rev Cardio Conditioning.

This is a 60 minute workout from warmup to cool down.  The warmup is pretty generic - nothing too strenuous.  Bob walks around talking about how important the heart is and how important cardio know usual stuff.  Then he begins with squats with weights.  He has you use the weights kind of like you would a kettlebell both with raises and swinging them, but seriously,  it just.does.not.end.  Then when my legs are shaking and I'm about to die you get a break - yeah, with weighted jumping jacks, squat jumps, fast feet and more.   This is an extremely fast paced and strenuous workout.  If you are like me you will be sore for days afterwards. 

What I like about the workout:
  • It's hard - in a good way - you definitely feel like you're working out
  • It doesn't require much equipment - two sets of weights (he just says heavy and light - I used 8lb for heavy and 5lb for light.  I could have probably used 10lbs on the heavy, but I definitely felt it with 8).
  • Good instruction from Bob.
  • The people he has working out with him are normal looking and the banter isn't too annoying.
  • There is a timer counting down the workout (like on P90x for those familiar) so you know where you are at in the workout.
  • Good overall body workout with incorporating the weights into a cardio workout. 
What I didn't like about the workout:
  • The squats seemed to go on for a really long time - I can see where this might get boring if you do the workout often and/or if your knees can't take the squats.
This is a really good workout DVD that I would highly recommend.  It comes in a trio with Warrior Yoga and also a strength training workout that are also challenging.

Whew - there's my March entry...just in the nick of time.  I think next month I might try to do this a little earlier!


Suz and Allan said...

I feel like you can never go wrong with a Bob or Jillian workout DVD!

Laura said...

I tend to do most of my strength at home with one of Jillians, and need to mix it up... this sounds like a good one! I'm sure I would be sore for days, too. :)

Jamie said...

Sounds great! I may just have to give it a try! I already do Jillian Michaels workouts, I haven't for a little while but I will soon, but variety would never hurt.

Tricia said...

So you remember nothing about Bodypump? My gym has it and I'm considering going on Sunday -- but have no idea what its about.

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