Monday, August 29, 2011

Hood to Coast - done!

Super fun year running Hood to Coast! Traffic was the worst it's ever been, weather was crazy, but as always had so so so much fun! Longer post later, but just wanted to say I LOVE THIS RACE!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What kind of name is Deetaling anyway?

Hood to Coast is coming up this week, and I am so excited. It is such a fun race and the team aspect of it makes it something really special. My team consists mostly of friends, and while people have come and gone, the core group has remained the same for the last 16 years. We aren't fast by any stretch, but we always have a good time. Case in point, Hood to Coast 2002, but first a little back story...

My maiden name is Deitering. On one of our first dates, Brian and I were having some "getting to know you" chit chat and I had asked him if his last name was German. He answered me, and then followed up with, "What kind of name is Deetaling anyway?" To which I replied, "Well, I have no idea, since my last name is DEITERING". This was probably a little embarrassing for him, but good for a laugh and a funny story to pass along to our friends.

Fast forward a few years, and we are engaged, and the week before our wedding was Hood to Coast. Of course we are running (you think I'd let planning our wedding stop me from running H2C? No way!) Brian and I show up to meet the team and were surprised to be presented with team t-shirts that one of my friends had made. From the front, they looked basic enough:
but then here's the back:
Don't you love it? The t-shirts were just the first part though. In celebration of our upcoming nuptials, our team also made me wear a veil and Brian wear a tie/cumberbund for our first leg. I have a feeling they were just trying to embarrass us, but we were good sports about it. I definitely think I got the better end of the deal - you really can't see my veil all that well, but there is no hiding Brian's get up!

(BTW, like the big huge t-shirt I'm wearing? That's because at the last minute I realized that the tank I was planning to run in would have given me tan lines that wouldn't look so good with the strapless dress I would be parading around in the next weekend. So, big floppy t-shirt it was.)

Wasn't this just awesome? I love that my team celebrated our upcoming wedding in such a fun way. I run a lot, but most of my teammates really don't. I could definitely jump onto a more competitive team if I wanted to - but for me, Hood to Coast isn't about competing, it's about running with my friends, encouraging them and enjoying our time together. Running is so often a solo sport and Hood to Coast (and other relays, obvs) allows you to be part of something bigger.

A week later, on August 31, 2002 this happened:

And, of course, our team was there to celebrate with us.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Leg 7 - in pictures

On Saturday morning M and I drove out to Sandy to do Leg 7 of Hood to Coast as a training run. We've done a lot of training out in Sandy as it's not too far from where we live, and it's beautiful countryside to run in (although pretty hilly!). Anyway, M is running Leg 7 this year and wanted to check it out again before the race.
The description from the H2C website says "Rolling hills along Highway 26 on paved shoulder and country roads." It is 6.32 miles long and rated "Hard" according to H2C. I've run leg 7 a few times, and I know that the first time I ran it, I didn't take the "rolling hills" very seriously. I regretted it later after going out too fast. Since I know others out there in blog world, like Jess here, are running Leg 7, I thought this might be helpful to give a preview of what leg 7 is all about.

So, here is Leg 7 in pictures...

Starts at the Safeway on Highway 26 in Sandy (it used to start at the Fred Meyer a little further down the road, so this is a change for this year):

The leg starts on a nice slow downhill along Highway 26 to Orient Drive. Here's the view looking from Safeway down Highway 26:
After the turn onto Orient (at 1.3 miles in), the "rolling hills" begin. Here's what they look like as you make the turn:
Intersection of Orient to Kelso road (2.03 miles):
View looking down Kelso road:
Kelso road to 362nd (2.89 miles):
View looking down 362nd:
362nd and Dunn Road (3.63 miles):
View looking down Dunn road:
Dunn/352nd (4.12 mi):
View down 352nd:
352nd/Hauglum Rd. (4.61 miles)
View down Hauglum Road:
For some reason, I didn't get a picture of the intersection of Hauglum Road/362nd (5.10 miles) but here is a picture of the last hill on that road (it's about a mile from the finish):
And the exchange point at Cottrell School (6.3 miles):
So that's leg 7! M is a stud and ran the route both ways to get in about 13 miles. I only ran it one direction because of my stupid foot which is healing, but not as fast as my impatient self would like.

Hope that helps anyone who is running Leg 7 to feel a little more prepared for what is in store. It's a very pretty run through some beautiful countryside.
See? Isn't this a pretty view? Plus, if you look close...cows!

M and I at the finish (M looks super cute. I look like a bug).

Two more weeks until h2c! Can't wait!