Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodbye sweet girl...

Sad times in our household - we have lost our sweet dog Roxy.  A few months back at the vet we found she had an in-operable stomach tumor and we knew this time would come eventually.  On Friday it was clear that the time was here.  We are heartbroken and sad, but eternally grateful for the 11+ years of love and companionship we had with her.  Rest in peace my sweet girl.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday five...

I haven't done a Friday post in FOREVER!  Here's my five for Friday...

1)  These workouts:
I was doing these very regularly right up until I went on vacation - then between vacay and Ragnar relay, I have kind of fallen off the wagon for the last two weeks.  I'm on the 3rd month, workouts 9 and 10.  They are definitely tough, and I'm liking them! This week I'm trying to get back in the swing of things and I'll do a post on what each workout consists as I did here and here for workouts 1-4.

2)  Yesterday my 5 year old daughter's friend asked me if I was my daughter's mommy, to which I replied yes...and to which she replied, "oh, I thought you were her grandma...because you look old".  Thanks more play dates for you!  Then to rub salt in the wound later that day, my son told me that my stomach is kind of round and it looked like I "could be a little bit pregnant".  So there ya go, apparently I look like a little bit pregnant Grandma.  Just in case I was starting to get a big head, these guys will keep my ego firmly in check.

3)  On Tuesday I got to spend time with one of my favorite people, my nephew Orion who is visiting from New York.
Isn't my nephew handsome? And tall?
He just got back from an Outward Bound adventure, and wants to stay in shape, so I showed him a nice running path by his mom's house.  We met up on Tuesday morning (8am...super early for a 16 year old, super late for me!) and ran an out and back.  My Garmin died, so I did what I thought would be a little over 3 miles - but turned out to be 4.5.  Woops!  He did great though and I had a great time running and spending some time with him.  I love sharing running with others and it's even better to share it with someone I love so much!

4)  So far with my foot recovery the longest I've run is 10 miles but this weekend I'll be pushing to 11.  My new target is 13.1 - need to start looking into half marathons again!  Woot!  My foot feels really good even after pushing it at the Ragnar relay this weekend (recap of that still in the works), so I'm really pleased with how it's all going.

5)  The Olympics are starting!  What are your favorite events?  Last year I really got into the swimming - mostly because of Michael Phelps and his 8 golds - but this year I might have a new interest...
hello there Mr. Lochte  ( source )
I really don't care if he even medals...I'll definitely be watching! :)

Speaking of the swim team, and saw this and it just made me giggle.  The US Olympic Swim team made a video lip synching the song "Call me Maybe".  It's fun to see these serious athletes goofing off and showing their personalities.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Head over to Fitness, Health and Happiness for Fitness Friday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ragnar Relay NW passage done!

I'll be writing up a longer post to talk about my AWESOME Ragnar Race experience - but it will take some time to get it into words and all the pictures together.  I had a great time, ran with great people, and overall I'm pretty happy with how it all went.  Until then, I'll leave you with this image of Michelle and I at the finish line:

Good times!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ragnar nerves!

Today (in about an hour actually) I'm heading out to Seattle to run my first race in almost a year!
The Ragnar Relay NW passage.   I'm very excited, but I'm also a little nervous.  Over the last few years I've ran some of my strongest relays to date, but I was also in the middle of marathon training for most of them, and this year after having been injured for most of the past year, well...let's just say I am no where near in the same shape as I was.  I'm confident that I can finish the race.  I wasn't given difficult legs, so that will help.  I just hope that I feel strong and can push my pace a little bit.  I'd like to average in the low 8's - but I'll be happy with averaging 8:30's per mile - which my training suggests I can do.  You just never know what race day will bring though - I might average 10's!  Most importantly, my goal is just to have fun.  I know a handful of the people I'm running with, and they are awesome.  It sounds like we have a nice place to stay in Anacortes which should be beautiful as well.    It will be a great time for sure.

So, wish me luck and hopefully I'll be posting an epic tale of speedy running on Monday!  At any rate, I am just super grateful to be able to run again.  Just 3 months ago my podiatrist told me that if my foot didn't improve dramatically he was going to put me in a boot for a month and then we would have to start completely over with rehab.  So to be in this position now is definitely a blessing and I'm thankful that things have progressed as well as they have.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

High desert vacation and a little running...

Last week the family and I went over to Central Oregon for a little family R&R.  With such a scheduled life, it was great to get away and have absolutely NO schedule.  We did what we wanted when we wanted and, ahhh I loved it!  I managed to get 3 runs in last week - one the morning before I left and then two spectacular runs while I was there.

The scenery is just amazing.  Central Oregon is known at the "high desert" with lots of sage brush and juniper trees.  We were staying at my parent's cabin which is down in a canyon by the Deschutes river.  Both days that I ran (I did a 6 mile tempo run and a 10 mile long run while I was there) I left really early to avoid the heat of the day.   The climb out of the canyon is pretty brutal, but the view is gorgeous when you get up to the main road:

And then you get amazing views of the Cascade range:

Mt. Jefferson

The 3 Sisters
 These pictures really don't do the scenery justice because I took them with my phone and they don't capture the beauty of the mountains at all.  

I also had lots of company while I was out there...

hello there Mr. Deer!

There were deer, jack rabbits (which were way too fast to snap a pic of with my phone) and lizards every where.  It was very cool and a welcome change from my suburban neighborhood loop.

We also went for a hike at Smith Rock with the kids - my husband and I have hiked here many times, but the kids haven't explored here much.

It was really beautiful, but also very HOT!  We started off the hike all smiles:

My son was a trooper and he even had his dad do some trail running with him.

My daughter, however, was not as much a fan of the hike (mostly I think it was the heat) and she made sure to take a load off as soon as we were finished:

But we weren't GO GO GO the whole week - in fact, here's where we spent most of our days:

Most of our break was spent relaxing and playing in the pool.  We also met up with some amazing friends who live in Bend and enjoyed some great meals.  Very fun and I think just what we all needed.  Now we're back to reality, but I am still feeling the lingering effects of such a fun week.  I feel a little less concerned about keeping my schedule (or even having one at all if I can manage it) and a little more "go with the flow".  I definitely needed last week to take a step back and refocus on the important things.

Hope you're all having a great week!