Friday, July 29, 2011


Betcha thought that PF stood for plantar fasciitis, didn't ya? WRONG! PF = Pain Free baby! I ran this morning. Three whole miles and guess what? PAIN FREE! So happy! I was kind of falling into a funk worrying that things weren't going to get back to normal - but I'm feeling optimistic now. Yippee! (This pic is from last year's hood to coast, but the smile adequately reflects how I was feeling this morning!).

I'm going to Tahoe tomorrow with these two monkeys:

and this babe:

We rented a house with some friends and it should be a great time. I am so excited for the vacay and also to get a few runs in with my friends. Hope everyone has a good week - and I hope when I get back I can report that the pain free running trend has continued!


Julie D. said...

yay for pain free!! have a great time!!

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