Monday, December 19, 2011

Jingle Bell Hell Virtual Race recap

This last weekend, XLMIC hosted the Jingle Bell Hell 1/3 marathon.  Unfortunately due to the lack of a plane ticket, and the lack of training (Stupid PF...did you know I had PF?  Probably not, because I NEVER whine about mention it...I'm stoic like that) it was impossible for me to join her in real life for the fun.  Luckily, there was a virtual option AND she even said it could be as short as a 5k - so I was in baby!

The rules for the race:
  • Must be at least 5K in total maximum.

  • Must be done on a challenging course (and if you hate treadmills, that means it could be on a treadmill) because the idea is "Hell" ... that is the important part.

  • Must be done the weekend of Dec. 17-18, 2011... any time of day or night.

  • You must laugh at least once... can be an evil laugh, a laugh of futility, any kind of laugh but laughter is a MUST.

  • So - with my PF (again, YES I have PF...) I am limited in distance as well as terrain.  I couldn't be all badass and run a 5k straight up hill because I've been PT ordered to to lay off the hills.  I had to find a short and flat course, but somehow needed to incorporate in the hell factor.  I am one of those freaks who LIKES running hills because they break up the course a bit - so flat is not my favorite.   In my neighborhood there is a flat loop that circles the park.  Check out the elevation:

    Brutal, huh?  Yeah, flat as a pancake.  Not very interesting.  In order to up the "hellishness" aspect, the loop is only a half mile long - to get a 5k in I have to repeat it 6 times.  I hate passing the end point of a run and not being able to stop.  Ok.  Hell course accomplished.

    Leading up to the race I made sure I properly hydrated

    and fueled:

    And then it was race morning:

    I got up at the crack of dawn:
    I'm trying to make this sound really "hellish", but in reality this is
    about an hour later than my normal weekly runs.

    I met Michelle and Barbara and we ran the loop...6 times.  Here's some highlights of the run:

    Not monotonous at all.  We actually tacked on another mile for good measure, making it four total in 37 minutes for 9:15 average pace.   I guess we're gluttons for punishment!

    So, the Jingle Bell Hell came and went.  There was laughter and it was a good morning run because of the awesome company.  If anyone thinks that I just took my normal morning route and played on your sympathy to turn it into a hell-worthy race report you might be right on. 

    Thanks for hosting the race XLMIC!  It was fun and I will definitely join in next year - HOPEFULLY for the 1/3 marathon option and a truly difficult course!


    hiker mom said...

    Loops are torture for sure. Not to mention, if you happen to pass by your house during each loop, the urge to turn into your driveway is always there:) Nice job! Glad you had company!

    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

    Way to get it in and early too! Wow! Pre race fuel of frosted sugar cookies for sure!

    Penny said...

    Love the recap!! I wish I had known about it - I'd have done the virtual version as well. Sounds like you did it justice!!

    Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

    I totally missed out on that too, although I guess since I got a migraine on my run this weekend that could count as Jingle Bell hell! Ha!

    Great job on yours and with getting properly fueled!

    XLMIC said...

    I LOVE the pictures!!!!! So freaking hilarious that you photo'ed each loop!!!! I love it :) Thanks so much for participating :)

    Jamie said...

    Great job! I love the photos of the same exact spot, so funny!

    I hope you recover quickly so that you can get back out there on some long runs soon.

    jillconyers said...

    I laughed at how you made everything sound hellish. A loop 6 times would be hell for me!

    Enjoyed reading your recap (:

    Kathy said...

    Woops! Full disclosure here - the photo collage was actually the same picture duplicated...I didn't photo each loop - it was totally dark and foggy when we actually ran, so no photos - I walked back up later in the morning and snapped the photo of the starting/stopping point. :)

    MCM Mama said...

    I hydrated the same way. Always makes for a good "hell" run. ;o)

    Laura said...

    Good idea to use loops as torture... nice attempt to make it hellish, even if it wasn't! This was a fun read. :)

    Jessica Washburn said...

    Yeah, looping past your finish line 6x is hellish to me. :) You're a trooper for even doing it and I love the repeat pic...clever. ;) Jess

    Courtney Foster said...

    The time you got up is brutal enough for me! haha!

    I like your fuel, that is my kind of fuel!

    Julie D. said...

    Ha!! wine and mean there is other fuel to have in December?! I emptied the cookie box on my way to the gym last night! :) Nice run, kathy. Have a great Christmas!!

    AuburnAFWife said...
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    Suz and Allan said...

    I'm a glutton for punishment because I love the short loops. The hills kill me! Great pace on your run!

    Suz and Allan said...

    That was me accidentally posting earlier under my sister's account. Sorry!

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