Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January New (to me) Cross Training Challenge!

A new (to me) workout for 2012!  SPIN.

Ok - confession time here - I've always wanted to take a spin class...and for some ridiculous reason I've always been nervous to do it.  Seriously, the last time I belonged to a gym I would always look at the class schedule then come up with excuses why I couldn't make it or convince myself that another workout would be better.  Isn't that dumb?  I mean it's just a workout class. But, an emotinal meeting with the podiatrist and committing to the New To You Cross Training Challenge, has inspired me to finally get this booty on the bike.

I went to the gym with my friend Robin, and we showed up promptly 5 minutes after we were supposed to be there.  Note to self: traffic is worse at 7:45am than it is at 4:30am...who knew?  Luckily, Robin knew another girl in the class who helped us with getting our bikes setup and gave me a quick rundown of what was what.  And we were off!  Here's my initial impression of spinning... 
  • The workout was hard - super hard.  I seriously was feeling winded during the warm up! 
  • The instructor gave great explanations of proper form and why it was important.
  • The music - as a techno-loser without an ipod, it's kind of a novelty for me to have music during a workout.
  • The lights were off - I don't know why they were off, but I liked it because it gave the class less of the sterile gym feeling.
  • I don't own padded cycling shorts, and I was worried I would get ridiculously sore, but this didn't turn out to be a problem.
  • The instructor's cues weren't as specific as I would have liked.  There was a little too much of upping the resistance depending on "how we were feeling".  I like more specific numbers - at least more regular clues of where the RPM's should be would have helped.  I don't even know if that's possible because everyone's fitness is different.  The problem for me is that I have a tendency to let myself off the hook too easily if I'm not pushed - but if I'm told I should be at point X, then I will work to get there.  I realize that this is a personal problem, but to get the absolute most out of spinning I'm going to have to consciously push myself (don't get me wrong, I was still dying in there, but I do think I could have pushed harder).  They have a new instructor starting next Monday though, so we'll see if I like their cueing better.
  • The only other thing I didn't like was that there are only two spin classes that will fit into my schedule.  I wish there were more options!
So my first "new to me" cross training workout is completed, and I will definitely be adding spin to my weekly workout schedule.  I'm super thankful that I have this new challenge to force me to try new things!


hiker mom said...

I'm glad you finally tried spin. I love it! You are the second person who has had the lights off for spin. I have never had that in my spin classes. Yay for new cross training challenges!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Lights are always off in my spin class. I like to close my eyes (a lot) during class too. Can't do that on a run!

Good for you! Way to get out of your comfort zone. I know it's so hard to go to a new class for the first time.

Jamie said...

Great job trying something new! I'm loving my indoor cycling class (which is similar to spinning but with some hand weight stuff thrown in there), but I am most likely going to have to skip it this week since I have to run Thursday night, when my class is! Plus we have a race this weekend and I don't want my legs to be too sore.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! And that you are going to keep doing it!

Laura said...

Yay for trying new things! I agree with you about specific directions... I finally found an instructor who tells us what gear to be on, which makes me work so much harder than if I'm supposed to simply turn it up a bit. I'm hoping to try a new class next week as part of the challenge, too!

Kat said...

LOVE SPINNING!!!! It's a goal of mine to spin more this year!

Courtney Foster said...

Awesome that you went, I am also one of those too afraid to try out a spinning girls! My trainer at the gym laughed at me and said you can do all the harder classes but not try Spin. I am afraid of all the things you mentioned! maybe one of these days I will try it! Glad you liked it!

Elle said...

This is something I have often thought about trying but haven't done it yet. Good for you! I liked reading your description from a newcomers's point of view.

Carrie said...

Your first spin class sounds much like mine. It was a fun workout. Great job trying something new.

jillconyers said...

Spinning is one of my all time favorite cross training workouts. It's the only thing I miss about having a workout room at home and giving up my gym membership.

Great job with trying something new!

Marissa said...

Yay for spin class! I have told myself as soon as I get my gym membership, and my kids are in school, I WILL SPIN!!!

spinning class riverview said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, love the post... if anyone is in the Downriver Michigan area we have spinning classes available daily.

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