Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday five

Friday five and another stay at home Friday because of the holiday - woo hoo!

1)  My sloth-like behavior of the last week has been extended because I'm sick.  Cold, cough, yuck.  But at least now I'm not feeling as guilty about not working out.

2) Santa was ridiculously good to me this Christmas.  My sister got me the Bondi Band ponytail hat I have been coveting!

photography by my 7 year old son...
And my running buddy got me this awesome shirt from Lucy - I just love it.

love new running clothes!
And my sweet hubby surprised me with these in my stocking.

My hands get so cold in the winter - I'm excited to to use these to keep them toasty.

3)  As I detailed in this post, I have been doctor ordered to look into some cross training.  As I don't have a bike (that works) or a swimming pool, this means finding a gym.  In the past I've hated the gym, but that's because I mostly used the dreadmill and some weights machines = BORING.  Now I'm trying to look at this as an opportunity to try some new things - namely spin classes and the pool for lap swimming.  I've run in the pool, but I've never really done any lap swimming, so this should be interesting.  Hopefully I can look forward to some improvement if I stick with it.  I'm leaning towards 24 Hour Fitness. Mostly because they have all the amenities I need, and as the name suggests, they are open 24/7 which would give me more flexibility for my preferred early morning workouts.

A side rant here:  I've been calling around to gyms looking into pricing and membership options, and frankly I'm so sick of being treated like I don't take my fitness seriously if I don't want to pay their monthly fees.  Gyms are not cheap, and obviously I'm trying to get the best deal I can.  I am already a person who leads a fit lifestyle and prioritizes fitness more than most.  So if you work at a gym don't automatically assume that you understand the person on the other end's motivation.  End rant.

4)  While I don't usually count calories or limit myself, I have to admit this holiday season I have over indulged more than normal and I'm consciously cutting back now.  It's so crazy how quickly your body adjusts to expect the treats.  I completely have sugar cravings throughout the day - looking for a little nibble here and there, craving the sweetness.  I know these cravings will pass soon enough, but it always surprises me.

5)  A Christmas tradition my sisters and I have is to exchange books on Christmas eve.  These are totally easy reading books - usually a silly romance with something that might relate to our lives in some way, or something we just think is funny.  As a pre-teen kid I was totally into the Sweet Valley High series - completely loved them and read them all.   Anyway, check out the book my sister gave me this year:

It's the SVH gang 10 years later!  I love it!  I read the whole thing in two nights - so definitely easy reading.  I have to say this book was so bad it was kind of hilarious - but it was a fun read in a nostalgic kind of way.  Good reading for Christmas day after all the present hupla died down.

I'm working on a year in review post which I'll hopefully get up before the new year starts (ummmm, yeah clock is ticking on that one...).

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Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

I loved those books as a kid! I might have to check that out. I'm a new follower from Jill's Fitness Friday! :)

Laura said...

Love that hat! Glad you had such a good Christmas. Ugh, the gym search does not sound like fun. Hope you can find a good deal with decent classes. And I hear you on the sweets... we're hosting friends tonight and tomorrow night, so I'm still making dessert and can't quite get back on track yet... I'll be happy for a fresh start next week!

Kat said...

I think we are in the same boat! I'm having trouble with my foot as well but have no idea what's going on! I've got a marathon and ultra coming up and I haven't run in two weeks! EEK! Lots of crying. Hope you get better soon!!

Sarah K said...

I read the first chapter of the SVH book when it came out. Doesn't Jessica end up with Elizabeth's boyfriend? That's so wrong.

I love your kiddo's picture taking skills. My 3yo routinely cuts my head out of shots. :)
Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Rachelle Q said...

Good luck with picking the right gym. I hate the process too. I am looking into switching gyms and it is no fun. You will love the classes though. That is the only thing I usually do. Feel better:)

Tink said...

Ooh, I love Sweet Valley! Have you tried looking into your local suburbs rec centers? While not always as equipped, they tend to be cheaper. The plus side of the gym? Getting to people-watch!

Jamie said...

I read some Sweet Valley books growing up!

I'm sorry that your gym finding experience isn't that great, I'm really spoiled because I work at a college and I get free access to the athletic facilities. My husband has to pay but it is really cheap compared to other gyms.

Penny said...

I want one of those hats too! (and I've been waiting for my sugar cravings to pass for about 40 years!)

Unknown said...

I do 24 fitness in my city and love it, the costco deals makes it a great price but it does cost a lot up front but it keeps me committed to going since I already paid for it. I never liked the gym until I got more into the classes, they rock!

I love your hat what a good gift. Hope you start feeling better, I was totally on that boat last week.

jillconyers said...

Good luck with finding a gym, cross training and getting better. Cool hat. Looks so much more comfortable than me with my regular hat and a ponytail tucked under.

Unknown said...

I'm doing a little blog reading catch up - but I LOVED the Sweet Valley books. So fun!

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