Friday, September 23, 2011

Gotta have the java

Friday confessional:  As I said in this post, I get up early.  Usually, the number on the clock starts with a 4, occassionally a 5 and if I see a 6, then I know I've overslept!  While I think there are lots of benefits to morning running, there is one big drawback --> people, I'm just tired!

So how do I deal with that?  Naps aren't really an option, so I turn to another solution.  I'd like to introduce my best friend:

My coffeemaker.  I drink WAY TOO MUCH COFFEE and way too little water.  I set my coffeemaker to brew while I'm out running and instead of drinking water when I'm done I immediately pour myself a cup (or two) to drink while I get ready for the day.  Then I take a big "to go" cup on my commute - and occasionally I drink more at work too.  I am over-caffeinated and under-hydrated!  This is something I need to work on.  But, I love my coffee.  See?  Aren't we cute together?

Note to self: don't jam the coffee cup up on your face to create even more eye wrinkles than you already have.
So I'm calling myself out.  I hope putting it out here will motivate me to change.  Drink less coffee, or at the very least MORE water.  I could also try to go to bed earlier to alleviate the sleepiness, but then when would I watch important shows like the Biggest Loser, Celebrity Rehab, etc?  Priorities, people, priorities.


M and I went running on Saturday morning out along the Clackamas River.  It's a pretty out and back that we can do right out of our neighborhood.  Running in places like this reminds me that it definitely doesn't suck to live here in the Pac NW.

We ran 8 miles, the first "long" run of our training for the Run Like Hell half.  My foot is holding up pretty well, so I'm hopeful that will continue and I can get through this training cycle successfully.  I'm not too preoccupied with time/pace right now, I just want to get a decent distance base built back up again after taking so much time off due to my foot.

Happy Friday!


{will run for margaritas} said...

haha, I love the picture with you and the coffee mug! Priceless :)

Meredith said...

Love the picture too! And I love my coffee!! However, I do love my water too. It's all I drink - coffee in the morning, water the rest of the day. I heard once that when you're feeling tired to try drinking water first. It's supposed to help give you some energy. Obviously, not happening instead of a cup of joe in the morning, but I try to do that when I hit the wall at 3:00. Headed for some water now :)

Beth (i run like a girl) said...

I've got the same "problem" but I solved it by adding more water. As soon as I get in from a run, I pour myself a cup of water (in my coffee cup, of course) and chug that before I switch to the brewed stuff. In my mind, there are worse addictions to have (said in my very best "enabler" voice). ;)

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