Thursday, September 1, 2011

Well I'm still on my Hood to Coast high, but some other important events have occured lately as well - namely my 9 year anniversary yesterday! 
My husband and I are super romantic, so the day went something like this: 
  • wake up
  • exercise
  • rush rush rush rush rush rush to get everyone ready
  • bye to hubby 
  • drop off kids
  • drive to work (late as usual)
  • remember today is annivesary.
  • text hubby:"Happy Anniversary" (I have a way with words)
  • work work work work work
  • his text reply: "Love ya babe. 9 years of putting up with my BS, not bad". Swoon!  
  • go to grocery store
  • pick up kids
  • feed kids
  • go to school open house for son
  • go home/get kids in bed
  • realize I'm hungry
  • order a pizza. 
  • in bed by 10. 
Yup, we know how to live it up.

Seriously though, through the last nine years our lives have gone through monumental changes, many ups and a few downs.  I'm completely aware how lucky I am to be married to my best friend and hugest supporter.  Here's to the next 9 years - maybe we'll even spring for a fancy dinner....


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