Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend happenings

Kind of busy weekend...On Friday, my son Owen's school held a fundraiser BBQ and campout to raise money for an elementary school in our district whose playground was burned down by assholes arsonists.  I gotta admit - on Friday after work I DID not want to go!  I was just tired and wanted to relax at home.  But, I knew Owen was super excited, so we got our sleeping bags and gear together and headed over.  It actually turned out to be really fun, and there was a great turn out.

They had a BBQ with hamburgers/hotdogs, a "dance party" in the gym, a night hike around the school grounds, some cartoons in the gym and then it was time for bed - camping out in the field by the school.  All in all it was a good time - Owen had a blast and I'm glad we went.

Saturday we just did stuff around the house all day.  Sunday I loaded the kids up and headed out to my parent's house in Aurora to run.  Brian was golfing, so they watched the kids for me while I ran.  I just love running out by their house.  Country roads, little traffic and pretty views - can't beat it!

I was running 9 miles and I didn't want to carry water with me, so I ran a few out and backs in each direction so I could pass their driveway a few times and get some water along the way.  
My mom didn't have any water bottles, so a mason jar did the trick.
Started out with great running weather - cool and overcast.

The scenery is gorgeous - farms, trees, nurseries and a winery... 


and a few friends to say hi to along the way...

What are you looking at?

My mom came out and snapped a few pics of me as I ran by their house:

It was a great run although at one point it got really windy and I thought a storm might be coming in.  It did start raining right at the end of the run, so I was happy to wrap it up. 

I'm a little bummed because my foot was sore for the last three miles of the run and now it's VERY sore.  I think I'm going to have to be much more vigilant taking care of it if I want to keep increasing my mileage.  It's SO frustrating because everything else is feeling great.  I might even have to switch out a few road runs out with....(sigh)...pool running.  But, if it will get me where I need to be, I just have to do it.

Anyway,  my sweet mom wouldn't let me leave without packing me up a bounty from the garden.  Behold, the lovely veggies...

Hope you all had a good weekend!


Michelle's Madness said...

I love running out there. I'm glad I ran on Saturday but after seeing your pictures it would have a been a great run. Mine was really hot, very hilly and not as peaceful. Sorry your foot is still bugging you. At least you had a tranquil run totally worth the drive.

Teamarcia said...

What a beautiful run! How cool of your mom to share veggies. we do the reverse as my mom couldn't be bothered to grow a garden, but I do!:)

TriGirl said...

Just came over from Amanda's site because i love the drawing you did! It says it all :)

Looks like you had a lovely run; total bummer about the foot! Hope it's better in the morning!

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