Monday, September 12, 2011

Hood to Coast POW and a month with Jillian...

Did you think this was going to be a recap of Hood to Coast?  Nope. I was going to write a whole post on Hood to Coast as a public service (y'know since you really can't find any recaps about this year's race out there on the interwebs...someone really should get on that) but instead I decided that I'm just going to post a few pics here and there over the next year few weeks and tell you a little about it. 

So here is my Hood to Coast Picture of the Week:

This picture was taken by my friend Matt up at Timberline lodge by the start line. 

My team had a super early start time - 5:15 am (what? we're super fast!).  As we were driving up to the mountain at 3:45 in the bloody morning, the radio cut out and we heard:

"This is not a test.  A storm is moving towards Mt. Hood National Forest.  This storm has all the makings of a funnel cloud.  This is not a test". 

As we got closer we started hearing thunder and then seeing lightning.  When we got to the mountain it was really crazy because you couldn't see Mt. Hood until lightning would strike and then you'd realize that a huge mountain was literally right in front of you. 

It was scary and awesome at the same time. 


So enough Hood to Coast (for now).  I've completely fallen off the stregnth training wagon.  Earlier this year, I was pretty disciplined about doing strength as well as running.  But give me a nice little injury and everything pretty much has gone out the window. 

So, starting TOMORROW, I am going to do this every day for 30 days:

I kind of hate Jillian Michaels, and I kind of love her.  We have a complex relationship.  But, I've had good results using her workouts in the past, and most importantly they fit into my pretty packed schedule.  

I'll be posting my thoughts on this workout system as I go through it. 

Do you do any other workouts besides running?  What works for you?


XLMIC said...

I see all this stuff on Jillian. I am wondering if she's a funner date than Tony Horton. What's your opinion on that?

And how can you hold back on Hood to Coast? You are the master of containment! I am beyond impressed. Of course I was the one who did the 7 part miniseries :P

That IS an amazing picture.

Julie D. said...

yes, a much better date than Tony, in my opinion. Sometimes Tony's mannerisms/voice makes me laugh so hard I have a hard time concentrating on the work out! :) Can't wait to hear about your Jillian progress. Believe me, I've been slacking in the strength training department too...been trying to use my Nike Training app more and that has helped. Crazy on the hood to coast start!! Cool pic.

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