Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morning Runner

I'm a morning runner.  This was the time on the clock when I came downstairs this morning dressed and ready (?) to run.   M and I left at 5, back by 6 - in time to shower and start the day.

Mostly morning running is done out of necessity.  I have to be done early for my husband to leave for work by 6am because his commute is long and he prefers to miss the traffic.  I also have to be done in time to get myself and the kids ready for one to catch the bus, the other to get dropped off at preschool and then to get to work myself by 8. 

It's not always optimal.  I often stay awake too late at night because it's my only down time, and then I am tired the next day after getting up early to run.  But, that's what work is for, right?  To catch up on sleep?  Maybe that's just me.

But, I have to admit, I've come to a place where I actually PREFER to run in the mornings.  Here's a few reasons why:

1) I love getting it out of the way first thing.  I don't have "fitting the run in" looming over me all day as I try to take care of a billion other things.  If I don't fit it in first thing, I am much more likely to not have the time (or at least convince myself of that) to get my run in later.
2) It's SOOO quiet in the mornings.  No traffic to deal with and the weather is cool.  Here in Oregon this can also mean you are running in the dark and usually pouring down rain for most of the fall/winter months, but I'm used to it and can deal with that.  I'll take rain any day over running in heat.
3) When people leave their lights on I can see what their houses look like.  Great for getting decorating ideas. 
4) Since it's typically dark out, I can wear "bottom of the drawer" running clothes if my nicer ones are in the wash.  M has to see me in some lovely outfits, but no one else does!
5)  You get to see pretty sunrises like this from Saturday when M and I set out on our run:

So for now and the foreseeable future, I am a morning runner.  It's just what works best for me.

What works best for you?  Are you a morning runner or do you prefer running later in the day?


Meredith said...

I do love morning running, but have gotten spoiled this year. Last babe is in preschool and I've been using that 2 hours to get my runs in so they don't cut into family time later. Loving it! Another plus of running in the pitch dark? You can't see just how bad it's raining :)

Julie D. said...

Oh, my. that is early. I hate seeing the '4' on the clock when setting the alarm. I try to set it for 5, if possible, just because it makes me feel like I slept a lot longer! I love feeling like I got it out of the way too. I've been lazy lately though and sleeping in and dragging kids to the gym, instead. You are motivating me to get it done. I always love the feeling of having it out of the way before 7am!!

XLMIC said...

That sunrise is GORGEOUS! I am a night runner but I want to transition into being a morning runner. But like you, I am often up late because it's my only down time.

Amanda@runninghood said...

So great to find your blog here! :) And another Oregonian. I found myself nodding in agreement at several things of them is NOT the morning runner part. I stay up too late and it is so brutal for me running that early. But the looking in people's houses...ha! yes! And my husband leaving early...yes! Do you take naps during the day?? I'd be exhausted all day.

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