Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Five


1)  Guess what I did this morning?  I RAN!  3 whole miles!  And guess what?  NO PAIN.  Not even a twinge.  Not even a "well it feels a little tight".  Nothing.  It felt TOTALLY normal.  Even better, it's now about 4 hours later and I still don't have any pain or tightness.  I am so optimistic, and I'm really confident that what I'm doing right now is working.  This is the best my foot has felt in months.  What a great way to start my day!

2)  This half marathon... next weekend.  I was hoping to run/walk it, but last week I gave away my entry.  I don't want to risk re-injury to my foot.  With it feeling so good right now, I think this is a smart decision.  Another DNS though - I hate that!

3) I made three recipes from this magazine this week:
I made the dish shown above, Pork and Carrot Curry, as well as Penne pasta with Steak and Peppers and Chicken Paprikash.  The Pork curry and the penne pasta were really good.  Great flavor and easy to make. Two BIG thumbs up from me and the hubby.  The Chicken Paprikash was ick - can't win them all I guess.  But, lots of good recipes in this mag.  I will probably try out a few more.


Like a lot of people, I'm a fan of the Biggest Loser.  Just curious what you all thought of the "competition" between Dolvett and Bob this season so far.  I've only watched the show for the last few seasons, but I don't recall it ever being this blatant and it really feels a little forced and staged to me.  Plus, it's making Bob look like a whiny baby...just sayin'.

I do like the "No Excuses" theme though, and they way they are tackling common excuses every week.  The focus on nutrition this week was really good and something that has been missing from the show.  Although I got to admit, when she said sushi is bad and that a turkey sandwich would be a better choice, I thought: 1) shut up crazy lady, I will never willingly give up sushi, and 2) they are just trying to push that damn Jennie-O turkey again.  The product placement on the BL is hilarious.

5)  The next two weekends are our last free weekends before the kid's sports obligations start taking over, so I'm going to relax and enjoy!  Hope you all have a great one!

Happy Friday!

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Laura said...

Yay for running with no pain!! That is soooo exciting. I think you're right to give up the half, play it smart and build back slowly to keep running! Mmmm, those recipes sound really good. My husband will pick up Clean Eating for me occasionally, it's always fun to read through. I like trying new recipes about once a week.

Rachelle Q said...

I am so glad you had a great run. SO exciting! Bummer you can't do the half but smart to make sure your foot heals. You'll get 'em next time! Yes, I feel like the Bob/Dolvett thing is phony. And the sushi thing. Is she crazy? That is such good fuel and I will never choose a sandwich over sushi. Ridiculous! Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

Yay for your run. I love the Biggest Loser too. I think she had to be but of her mind with the sushi thing too. NO WAY am I giving that up. Especially for a plain ol turkey sandwich. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

KEFFitness87 said...

This is the second time I have heard about Clean Eating magazine! I need to subscribe ASAP!! So glad you had a pain free run!!

jen said...

I'm so glad you had a pain-free run!! That is the best. Very smart to pass on the half- it'll be there next year! I might do it next year, you should too! :)

Tricia said...

Congrats on pain free running!!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

We are taking a break from kids sports, dance and acting. I'm so ready to just stay home a bit. Piano and scouts and school/preschool are all they have going for the next quarter. You're dinners sound good. Yay for no pain! Wish I could say the same. Currently my knee and FOOT are acting up

getfitchick said...

Congratulations on the run - glad it's feeling better!

Unknown said...

yea for no pain!

I am on the fence right now with the biggest loser and their editing.

Unknown said...

Yay for no pain!!!!!!!! Sorry for the DNS for the race. There will be plenty more.

I think the competition between Bob and Dolvett is a little annoying. I hope it fades. And the product placement kills me sometimes. Ugh.

Julia said...

yayyyy!!! so excited to hear about NO PAIN! i am heading out for my first run in a week. going to take it nice and easy and am hoping for a similar result...eeeek!?! yay! so excited for you! and definitely think its smart about the will be out there again in no time!

Jamie said...

I'm so happy for you! Yay for no pain! I was ecstatic when I started to run again with no pain, it is a great feeling.

I really need to get that magazine!

Marissa said...

I need to check out that magazine :)

I'm happy for Biggest Loser, but not sure I'm loving it so far...but like you, I'm a huge fan so I'm sure I'll love it!

Yay for pain-free!!!

Julie D. said...

oh, i didn't know that half is next weekend! It goes along my new to me-running route!! i think the bob vs. dolvett thing is definitely least it was last week. Way too dramatic. that is so awesome your foot is feeling NORMAL. YAY!!!!!

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