Sunday, January 1, 2012

21 more random things about me....

This blogger got tagged by Kim at (Just) Trying is For Little Girls to do a "21 random things" list.  So thanks for the tag Kim!  And here we go...

1.  I am left handed...mostly.  I write and eat with my left hand.  I play pool and tennis left handed, but I play softball, basketball and bowl right handed.  For lots of things I just use either hand - my dad and one of my sisters is the same way.  We also have a really hard time telling our rights vs. lefts (I have to make the "L" for loser sign with my hand sometimes to distinguish) probably because we don't have a dominant side.

2.  On a related note - I took my drivers test at 16 and I failed the first time.  The instructor had told me to make a left turn and I went to take a right, and then realized I was going the wrong direction at the last minute and cut across traffic to make the left.  It was the last turn on the way back to the DMV.  He told my mom "she was doing so well and then I don't know what happened..."  Stupid directionally muddled brain!

3.  I've had surgery 4 times - none being c-sections.

4.  I delivered my 2nd baby when I was 37 and my doctor informed me that I "was in great shape for a geriatric pregnancy".  Nice, make a preggo woman feel ancient.

5.  My water broke with both my pregnancies.  With my daughter, my water broke and I couldn't find a pad in the house for the ride to the hospital - but I did have infant baby diapers.  Those'll do in a pinch, in case you're ever met with a similar predicament.

6.  I rode in the Goodyear blimp when I was 5 years old - arranged by my uncle who worked for Goodyear at the time.

7. I broke my foot when I was three and a bicycle ran over it.  My mother didn't take me to the doctor right away because she didn't believe it was broken.

8. I broke my wrist when I was 9 and I fell out of the back of a pickup (total country girl accident).  My mother didn't take me to the doctor right away because she didn't believe it was broken.

9. My mother still feels really bad about #'s 7 and 8 ... 

10.  I went to a K-8th grade school growing up.  We fed into a larger high school, but my closest friends from childhood are elementary school friends.

11.   The school was called "Ninety One" Elementary school - named after the district number - which was #91.  Pretty original, huh?  I find it funny that they named the school much in the same manner I named my dolls growing up. 

12.  I'm the shortest person in my family with two of my sisters being 5'8 and another 5'11.   This is great for getting clothes that have shrunk a little.

13.  In the 90's,  I did the "after college backpack around Europe trip" with my friend Megan for a month.   It was one of the most fun trips I've ever been on.

14.  Megan's brother is married to my sister.  So I don't know what that makes her officially as far as relations go, but she's like the 5th sister in the family. 

15.  Early in our travels we bought two Belgian beers with matching glasses to bring back to Megan's brother and hauled them around in our backpacks for the good part of the month until we broke down and drank them about a week before we were leaving.   That was some good decision making right there. We did end up giving him the glasses.

16.  Megan and I went running in Dresden, Germany and two Austrian girls who were staying at the hostel thought this was the strangest thing they had ever heard of...."You're just going to run?  Outside?  On the sidewalks?"   This was almost 20 years ago, I would think that now it wouldn't be nearly as novel of a concept.

17.  They also asked us if all Americans eat ice cream straight out of the carton like they show on TV.

18.  In Paris, we woke up from one too many cocktails in possession of some guy's passport.  Spent the next day calling his emergency numbers trying to track him down to return it.  Finally got a hold of his mother - and her response when I explained the situation was, "Yes, he is my son.  I THOUGHT he was my smart son, but now I'm not so sure." 

Getting a lot of mileage on this list from this Europe trip, aren't I? :)

19.  I hate getting into an unmade bed.  If it's not made when I go to turn in I make it real quick before I hit the sheets.  This is a phenomena that has emerged as an adult, because I never wanted to make my bed growing up.

20. I'd love to get a cat, but my husband is super allergic.  My daughter also really wants one, but I told her that "cats make daddy sick".  For the longest time every time he got sick she would ask "did a kitty do it?"

21.   I work for my mother - doing book keeping for her small computer hardware company.  While this is not the most exciting job, the flexibility is awesome, and frankly, I really like my mom.

Whew - that's more random info about me than I'm sure anyone wanted to know!

And now to tag 5 more people who I'd love to know more about -

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Let me know in the comments if you're going to play along!  Looking forward to the randomness!


jillconyers said...

"great shape for a geriatric pregnancy" omg you probably didn't think so at the time but that statement is hilarious.

Interesting randomness!

Laura said...

Great list, Kathy! "geriatric pregnancy" - really? Don't drs know better than to use this kind of language!? Too funny. And I also went to a k-8 school, and have maintained some friendships from childhood. I enjoyed learning more about you!

Unknown said...

Laughing at a bunch of these!!! Oh and anyone married to one of your siblings would be your Sister-in-Law or Brother-in-Law - so she is your sister by marriage. :) How awesome to have a Best Friend marry into the family.

Sarah K said...

Thanks for tagging me! I will try to get my list done this week :-)

I also did the backpacking in Europe thing for a few months. I credit that trip with helping me become the person I am today!

Jamie said...

Love this!

My husband plays two-handed sports left-handed and one-handed sports right-handed, but I'm just boring and do everything right-handed.

I also went to a K-8 school and my husband always gets so confused when I say in elementary school I played softball (for example). I have to remind him that my elementary school included 6th to 8th grade!

Rachelle Q said...

You would think a doctor wouldn't be dumb enough to make the geriatric comment:) sounds like a fun trip to Europe!

Penny said...

Hi Kathy - thanks for the tag. I'm on it - may take me a day or so.... :-)

Tink said...

That was really interesting, loved hearing your Europe stories!

Marissa said...

this is SO fun! the goodyear blimp? HOW AWESOME, I always wanted to ride in that as a child :)

Unknown said...

Geriatric pregnancy? Honestly. I feel bad for you mom for 7 and 8. We've all made "bad" parenting decisions.

I love that you backpacked around Europe. I did the 10 countries in 21 days bus tour before my senior year of college. That was brave enough for me.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Hey sweet! Thanks for the if I can only find 21 things about myself that I haven't already spewed onto the inter-web!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Oh and's really cool that you rode in the Goodyear blimp! Also, I hate getting into an unmade bed too, but usually it manifests as an anal tendency to make it in the morning, no matter where I am (even in a hotel)!

Kara said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you like working for your mom. :)

You should get one of those hairless Dr. Evil cats!

Lynette said...

Dang girl! Surgeries, broken bones, you've had it rough! I wouldn't survive! I have a low tolerance to pain. Nightmarish childbirthing twice is my proof. I'll spare you the stories. I like the Paris passport story. Classic.

RoseRunner said...

hehehe on the broken bones...I had a few broken bones as a kid, and my dad being a doctor, also kept me from going in to a hospital for an x-ray for an absurd amount of time.

I love # 17. Never thought of that as a strictly American thing! And I would LOVE to work for my mom...I'd whine my way out of coming in half the time ;)

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