Monday, January 30, 2012

Tagged x3

I got tagged for the 11 random things that's been going around the interwebs by both  XLMIC  at Taking it On and Beth at Yes Folks. I Run Like a Girl - and also tagged for 7 random things by Carrie at Family, Fitness, Food.  So, here's one big long post of randomness....
Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people! 

11 random things about yours truly:
  • I have a scar under my eye from my my sister dropping a can of chicken chow mein on my face (I was laying on the floor and she was walking by and dropped it -she claims it was an accident)- 4 stitches.
  •  I've never seen Jaws or any of the Godfather movies - this boggles my husband's mind.
  • My mother used to dress my sisters and I alike when we went on trips so she could find us easily - blue and white striped Osh Kosh overalls with red turtlenecks.  We were patriotic little things.  She thought it was so cute she got a portrait of us wearing the outfit:
  • My appendix ruptured when I was a senior in high school.  After surgery and a week in the hospital where I was still not getting better, they realized they didn't get it all out and had to go back in again.
  • I left college short of graduating by one class in my minor (English) - I finally finished the class 10 years later when I was 8 months pregnant with my son - my belly was so big I had to sit sideways in those little desks. 
  • My favorite vacation ever was camping around the island of Kauai for 10 days with my hubby (we rented a room for 2 nights, but otherwise camped).   Waking up next to the ocean is pretty awesome.
  • I've run Hood to Coast since 1996 (missing a few years due to pregnancy and not getting in) - I completely took it for granted and never realized it was a bucket list item for so many people until I started reading blogs. 
  • I really think Valentine's day is a silly holiday.
  • I was born in LA but only lived there a few weeks before we moved to Spokane, WA.  We moved to Oregon when I was 5.
  • My secret dream is to be a farmer.  If it were financially feasible I'd quit my job and attempt to grow most of our food on my parent's property (my back yard isn't quite big enough!).  Someday.... 

11 Questions from XLMIC
  1. What is your 'comfort food'?  Macaroni and Cheese, hands down. 
  2. Do you exercise better when you are angry or happy?   Happy - although exercise can help me sort out being angry, so in that sense maybe that's better.
  3. Have you ever done anything to the point of puking?  Yes. What?  Let's just say there was tequila involved.... 
  4. Any embarrassing nicknames in your past? Spill it. My dad calls me "kook".  I think it's a term of endearment(?).
  5. Guilty movie pleasure?  Grease and/or Footloose.
  6. Do you like or dislike these tagging memes?  Like.  Although now it's giving me a complex that I haven't lived an interesting enough life to keep coming up with interesting random stuff. :)
  7. Why do you run? (might seem like a stupid question, but I'm curious)  No short simple answer to this:  Sanity, sense of accomplishment, connection with other runners, etc.
  8. Would you rather be rich or famous?  Rich.
  9. If you could go anywhere tomorrow without any worries (everything would be taken care of perfectly for the duration) where would you go,  Australia
  10. with whom and  - family
  11. for how long?   At least a few months (preferably for our winter/their summer!).
11 Questions from Beth: 
  1. What is one bad habit you want to break?  I drink WAY too much coffee and way to little water.
  2. What is the best compliment you have ever received?  I don't know if this was my best compliment ever, but my husband called me bad-ass after my last marathon, and that had me grinning ear to ear for about a month afterwards. 
  3. If you were stranded on a desert island and had a case of food -- only one type of food -- what would it be?  Peanut butter.
  4. If you could have a beer with any person (living or dead) who would it be?  Julia Child - not because I'm a great chef or even want to be, but I read her memoir and she seemed super cool.
  5. What is your biggest pet peeve?  Dog owners who don't pick up after their dogs.
  6. Favorite song of all time?   Landslide - Stevie Nicks version
  7. Guilty pleasure song? (You know - that one you rock out to when no one else is listening...)  Lose Yourself - Eminem 
  8. Favorite vacation location?  Kauai, HI - although I think Lake Tahoe is pretty awesome as a location too.
  9. Are you a re-reader or one-and-done?  Re-reader for sure.
  10. What is the career you secretly dream about starting when you retire from your current job?   See above: my secret aspiration is to be a farmer.
  11. The place you wish you were right now, instead of being at a computer?  Anywhere tropical - Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii....any of those will do!
My questions:

What's your favorite race distance? 
Do you have any "bucket list" races?
What's your favorite holiday?
Where were you born?
Why do you blog?
What is the last book you read?
Any strange fears/phobias?
What's your vacation philosophy regarding exercise?  Make sure to fit it in or give yourself a break?
Any bad habits you're trying to change?
What was the last movie that made you cry? (or tv show or song or whatever).
What accomplishment are you most proud of?

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Laura said...

I love that you would want to farm and grow your own food! And I'm with you on the case of peanut butter, too. :) Thanks for the tag! I have to decide if I'm up for it, after the Versatile blogger not long ago...

Jamie said...

That's crazy about your appendix! I can't believe that!

I will do this tomorrow, most likely, it's going to take a lot to think of some random things since I've done quite a few random post but I'm sure there are some crazy things I can think of!

Unknown said...

Oh goodness, I am awful! I have been tagged a couple of times but have yet to sit down and do the post! eeck! thanks for the tag though!

umm so jealous of all your hood to coast runs! It is on my bucket list!

and your appendix, holy ouch and I am sure that was a greys episode waiting to happen!

Julia said...

so fun!!! thanks so much for the tag! i am hoping to get on this tomorrow or at least some point this week :) the camping sounds incredible!!!! and i would definitely love to run hood to coast some day :)

Lynette said...

Thanks for the tag! This should be fun, but require some thought. That's funny about Val Day! I love it. BUT, my birthday is the 12th so that's probably why I do.

EatDrinkBeRunning said...

Quite an entertaining read!You've led an interesting life. Ok, camping in Kauai? Amazing. Thanks for the tag! :)

Beth (i run like a girl) said...

I loved reading these!
Ok - the chicken chow mein story made me wince.
But I nodded right along with PB as the food-of-choice on a desert island, too much coffee, the "bad-ass" comment, and Julia Child. :)

Unknown said...

Kathy, I've also secretly fantasized about farming... even though I've never grown anything in my life (besides chidren).

And thanks for the tag! I promise I'll get to it!

Have a great day!

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