Friday, November 4, 2011

Five for Friday

1) I went to the pool this morning and "ran". It's such a mind game. When you're doing a workout on the road, it's easy to push yourself because you have a pace, a number, that you are trying to hit. In the pool you have to go by feel, and generally I think I let myself off too easy. Today I did 5 minute intervals with one minute rest between. The 5 minutes are supposed to be "hard", but my mind wanders (maybe because it's mind-numbingly boring to run in a pool...) and my intensity today I challenged myself to stay focused on the workout - if I wasn't feeling fatigue in my legs and butt I needed to pick it up. Despite a few lapses, I was happy with my concentration and I definitely got a better workout!

2) I went ahead and signed up for both these half marathons in 2012.
This one sold out in 3 days!
 And this one:

The Hippie Chick is in May, so I'm not so concerned about getting ready for that one.  The Vancouver Lake is in January, and while I'm sure I won't be in top form, I hope that I'll be able to run it without PF issues.

3) I'm living on the clock these days. I'm on a specific stretching regimine, and have to stretch my foot every two hours. I'm also wearing this sexy beast to bed every night to keep my foot stretched:
Picture from here...this is not my bedspread.
Yes, my husband is a lucky man.

4)  I'm making this Lentil Soup for dinner this Sunday.  I love soup and I'm hoping my Indiana born meat and potatoes husband won't notice that there isn't any meat in it! 

5)  Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  I kept meaning to post pics of my kiddos, but this week just seemed super busy and I was a bad blogger.  So here is my Mummy and Princess Kitty - we had a great time trick-or-treating in the neighborhood with a gazillion other kiddos - and now I have WAYYYYYY too much candy in my house!

My son will NOT take a normal picture....

Like our yoda pumpkin on the left?  Awesome, right?

Fitness Friday Blog Hop

Happy Friday!


Sarah Fitness said...

Hey Kathy!

The half marathons sound fun. I for one would love to do a "quarter" marathon :-)

I had to deal with some PF issues too. Hope yours are getting better! I love that foot contraption!

I'm a new follower from Sarah Fitness/Uberlibrariana! So glad you came by!

Have a great weekend!

Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem said...

Love the yoda pumpkin! I love half marathona and wish there were more closer to me. That is quite a contraption, hope it works. I had PF once and HATED it, hope to never get it again!

hiker mom said...

Bummer on the PF. Rolling your foot on frozen dixie cups or tennis balls helped me. Following you back.

Vicki said...

I need something like that to stretch my leg. For some reason it won't straighten out or bend all the way.

Cute kids!!

Aimee L said...

OMG how cute are your kids?!

And I'm totally loving the Yoda pumpkin!

Great low-impact way to exercise, btw...that is one great benefit of joining a gym! :)

Courtney said...

Wow those sounds like really fun runs!!

Love the halloween costumes, super cute!

Anonymous said...

I love intervals! I'm sorry about your foot! and i'm not even sure i could do a "quarter" marathon :)

jillconyers said...

Good for you sticking with running in the pool. You're going to be ready in Jan!

Carrie said...

You're kids are adorable! Good luck with the races, thanks for following my blog.

Amy said...

Cute kids! And fun sounding races! I'm green with envy!

Beth (i run like a girl) said...

LOVE Yoda pumpkin! :)

XLMIC said...

Those stretching shoes are ├╝bersexy. Yowza ;-)

Lisa J said...

haha XLMIC took the words right out of my mouth about your shoe you have to wear to bed-- but if it works, its awesome you can do it while sleeping. That in combo with the pool running should help to prepare you for Jan 1/2.

I've heard great reviews from all the Oregon bloggers I follow in regards to the Hippie chick 1/2. I still need to find an Oregon race to complete that state!!

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