Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Small Running Success!!!

It's really insane how much not running affects my life. I find all healthy habits more difficult to follow through on. I'm snacking more (damn Halloween candy!) and not caring as much about what I eat. I'm having to force myself to cross train - my motivation has just gone down the drain.  Seriously, if I don't get this under control I'm going to have to apply for the Biggest Loser...wait, maybe then I can meet Dolvett...hmmm, I might be on to something here...

Anywhooooo...on to my small running success story. On Sunday I attempted a "run" with my 7 year old son (he stops to "stretch A LOT...I think we could consider it a run/walk). We went one mile - my foot didn't feel great - I was pissed. Just so frustrated and feeling like it's NEVER going to get better.  Monday morning I decided to skip the pool and just walk for an hour.   So I got all bundled up and walked for a mile. Then I decided to try to run - guess what? NO PAIN!!! Yippee! I ran a mile and it felt good! After that I walked another 1/2 mile and then ran another full mile!! Total workout was only three and a half miles, but I was smiling from head to toe that I did it without pain.

It's pretty clear for me that the issue I'm dealing with now is keeping my foot stretched out because when my foot is warmed up it feels pretty good.  At PT today, my therapist gave me stretches that I am to do every hour on the hour. It's REALLY hard to remember to do this every hour especially when chasing 2 kids around...but after getting this small taste of running success I will pretty much do anything to get back up and running!

Hopefully this pain free running will continue and I'll slowly progress if I don't push it too fast. I am cautiously optimistic about this for the first time in a while! Fingers crossed!

Do you maintain all your healthy habits when you can't run?
What do you do to keep up your motivation when you're injured?


Tink said...

Yay! You can run! A little is much better than not running at all. Hopefully your pain will stay away for good! Its definitely promising that you didn't have pain after the run :)

jillconyers said...

Happy to hear "pain free"!!

Not running is so much harder than running! I knew when I had surgery that I would have to find a way to deal with the forced limitation better than I have in the past. I did! I figured out most of my frustration came from feeling loss of control. So, I found a way to feel a little in control of times when I can't run. I focused entirely on nutrition and what I needed to do with the significant decrease in activity. It worked! I felt in control of the situation and focusing on what I ate gave me a daily feeling of accomplishment.

Keep stretching and wishing you more pain free runs!

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